• Pirouette Cacahouète, games and creative leasure created and made in France, eco friendly and funny

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  • Cardboard birds to make and customize
    New Decorative Creative Leisures

    my Poetic birds


  • Flying saucers with paper toys
    New Creative Leisure Games

    my Space


  • Creative leisure made out of cardboard
    New Creative Leisure Games

    my flying


  • Pirouette Cacahouète introduces "my Jet Planes" ! An up in the air creative activity:6 paper and cardboard planes to be made and decorated with the help of 120 coloured stickers.

    12,90 €
  • Pirouette Cacahouète introduces "my Cacabane" ! By creating this intimate and playful space around the potty, "my Cacabane" makes toilet training easier. Available in four different colours.

    36,00 €
  • Pirouette Cacahouète introduces "my vintage Cars" ! A buzzing creative activity:6 paper and cardboard cars to build and decorate with 120 stickers, which are included.

    12,90 €
  • Pirouette Cacahouète introduces "my poetic Birds" ! A romantic hand-made activity :6 birds made out of paper and cardboard to first of all create, then to beautify with feather-shaped stickers, and finally hang up with the piece of golden string included.

    12,90 €
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