Who are we ?

Once upon a time...


There is an old French nursery rhyme, where there was a little man, living in a house made out of a cardboard box..
Which became the French nursery rhyme Pirouette Cacahouète !…

There was also a little girl, who was only two and a half years old...
Despite being a little bundle of joy, potty training was not fun for her,
and had difficulties overcoming this step…

But one day she was lucky !
Her parents had received big cardboard boxes,
And they made her a hut all for herself,
where she would have full privacy.

This brilliant idea was a breakthrough,
and two weeks later...
…nappies were nowhere to be seen !!

It was thanks to this idea, that the Cacabane was created,
and so was Pirouette Cacahouète !

Our Team

L'équipe de Pirouette Cacahouète

Pirouette Cacahouète is full of funny ingredients, to make the perfect recipe:

...a mum, a dad, children, friends, a passion for toys, and loads of ideas !

Laure surrounded herself with several associates (CAT, which are French working centres for disabled people, representatives, trainees, illustrators, cardboard manufacturers, printers...) and happily runs this small company.
All together they build the business in order to surprise, to fill with wonder, and to make adults, as well as children, laugh when spending unforgettable moments together !!

Our eco-friendly values

valeurs durable responsable écologique

• Made in France & Europe :
The choice of nearby suppliers was to be able to meet them and visit their premises.

• Ecological :
The choice of recyclable and/or recycling materials.

• Human :
The choice of a partnership with French disabled workers who assemble our games and take charge of our logistics.