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Once upon a time Pirouette Cacahouète

The Pirouette Cacahouète's journey starts in 2010…

The beginnings of Pirouette Cacahouète

…There is an old French nursery rhyme, where there was a little man, living in a house made out of a cardboard box..
Which became the French nursery rhyme Pirouette Cacahouète !…

There was also a little girl, who was only two and a half years old...
Despite being a little bundle of joy, potty training was not fun for her,
and had difficulties overcoming this step…

But one day she was lucky !
Her parents had received big cardboard boxes,
And they made her a hut all for herself,
where she would have full privacy.

This brilliant idea was a breakthrough,
and two weeks later...
…nappies were nowhere to be seen !!

It was thanks to this idea, that the Cacabane was created,
and so was Pirouette Cacahouète !

Creating games, a very exiting adventure !

The song's follow up ? well, this same small team invent and create creative kits, games, toys as it sees fit... the catalogue fills out, partnerships increase, all aiming the same purpose : remaining creative, taking care of the planet ;)

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