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my Unicorn Frames for colouring

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Pirouette Cacahouète presents "my Unicorn Frames for colouring"

A poetic creative workshop.
3 papers with sketches to colour and fold, to make real little volume frames.
To offer or expose above one’s bed, for a flight to the land of smooth dreams !

made in france


Artistic and decorating !

Far from any scissors and glue, this activity begins with the colouring of 3 original unicorn sketches drawn by Sophie Lemoine on FSC paper. The edges of the sketches are then folded and assembled with rubbers (brevet ElastiblockTM) to make volume frames.

An original colouring workshop, as every child may frame the unicorn sketch he/she customised to his/her wish. A pretty way of showcasing each and everyone’s talents.

To tap their creative side, from creation to exhibition !

Good activity to animate a decoration workshop during a family party, or a rainy holiday afternoon.
Great for a birthday present !

DIY made in France


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certified paper
Made in France

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