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  • creative kit diy cactus
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  • creative workshop cactus flowers
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  • creative kit diy cactus
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My colorful cactuses

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Pirouette Cacahouète introduces “my colorful cactuses”

A creative and spiky workshop : 6 cactuses made of paper and cardboard to be assembled by simply plugging the different parts together. A lovely decoration for your home !


Meticulous and decorative !

A creative workshop that requires no glue or scissors. With their skillful little hands, your children will decorate their cardboard cactuses with pretty paper shoots and flowers.

A playful activity where everyone can create and assemble a lovely cactus according to their inspiration !

A sweet and spiky decoration… Ouch ! Ouch ! Ouch ! Ow !

Perfect for organizing a manual activity during a birthday party or simply offering a creative gift.

Diy made in France


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Recycled cardboard, PEFC recycled paper
Made in France

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