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Bird and its feather Memory Game

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Pirouette Cacahouète introduces "my funny Memos, the Bird and its feather" !

Learns to recognise birds and feathers by collecting the correct pairs !
An educational memory game that develops 
observation skills.

40 cards + 1 lexicon sheet

made in france


Nature and sweet !

A memory game in several steps. The 40 cards of the game are to be deconstructed and then put together in pairs, the "bird" card and its "feather" card.
Once the cards have been shuffled and turned over, the game can begin!
A picture book naming all the birds (translated into 5 languages) completes the game.

An educational memory game that invites children to recognise the feathers of birds.

For all the little curious about nature !

A game made in France, ideal as a Christmas, birthday or festive gift...

Illustrations : Clémentine Thibaux


Data sheet

certified paper
18,4 x 12,6 x 2,8 cm
5 x 5 cm
Made in France

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