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pirate birthday card
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Invitation Cards

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Pirouette Cacahouète presents "my Invitations" !

A pack of 8 invitation cards with sparkling illustrations, to write out and give to your guests !

14 models to choose from.

Card models
  • Princess Owl cards
  • Dinosaur invitation cards
  • Magic rabbit invitation card
  • Super Mouse
  • Kind Martians
  • Animal Pyramid
  • Poetical Party
  • Hot-Air Balloons
  • Pirate
  • unicorn
  • Cactus
  • Cats
  • Disco

Sparkling and new !

Each case includes 8 10 x 15 cm invitation cards.
After choosing the invitation card that suits best for his or her birthday, the only thing left to do is fill in the blanks that are found on the back of the card, then hand them out !
These cards were mischievously illustrated by Marie Paruit, a children's illustrator, who also worked on other projects such as "my Cacabane", "my back in time Puzzle", "my fun Memos" and "my Glasses".
13 models to choose from : an owl princess, nice Martians from space who are friends with aliens, dinosaurs with strange cries, crazy animals, a magician rabbit with more than one trick up his sleeve and a mouse with super powers, a unicorn princess, the black-bearded pirate, little cactuses to colour in, dreamy hot-air balloons, birds and butterflies for a poetic party, a little cat who is too cute and a wolf for a disco party...

By filling in the blanks on the back of the card, the child can write for him or herself without any discouragement, and can relate even more to the invitation card !

An ideal stationary product to invite friends to a party.


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