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Postcards "Miss and Misters" with fun and sweet illustrations, for children to write their first words on their own, just like a grown-up !

Each card is selled with a small pocket that can be used as an envelope.

11 models to choose from - size 10,5 x 10,5 cm

Card models
  • Miss Coquelicot
  • Miss Crapule
  • Miss Aventure
  • Miss Dream
  • Miss Litterature
  • Miss Opera
  • Mister Aventure
  • Mister Dream
  • Rollin Skate
  • Miss Marguerite
  • Mister Curiosity

Funny and Sweet…

Scare postcards, where everyone can write a sweet message to friends or family.

These postcards are illustrated by Marie Paruit.
The Misses : Poppy, Opera, Adventure, Scoundrel, Literature, Dream and Marguerite
and the Misters: Adventure, Rollin, Dream and Curiosity

Pirouette Cacahouète loves nature, and makes sure that they choose a FSC certified paper for all of the postcards which have been printed locally in France.

An ideal postcard to thank someone, send your wishes, send your love, or to wish someone a Happy Birthday…


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certified paper
Made in France

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