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Partenariat ville de Carcassonne

Carcassonne Tourist Office X PIROUETTE CACAHOUÈTE


The Carcassonne Tourist Office has entrusted us to highlight the many facets of their city.

The giant coloring poster (with its observation game) and the coloring book "A Journey Through Time, The Time of a Journey" will allow you to discover the treasures of Carcassonne, from the medieval city to the Bastide St Louis, from the natural side with the Canal du Midi to the beach side with the Lac de la Cavayère !

Eco-designed and made in France
Poster size: 70 x 100 cm
Booklet size: 10.5 x 14 cm

Available at the Tourist Office shop, 28 rue de Verdun, 11000 CARCASSONNE and on their online shop HERE

Partenariat département de la Somme



In collaboration with the Go Somme Tourisme Agency, we have designed two personalized products to showcase the attractions and hidden gems of this department.

   • The giant coloring poster "La Somme en Couleurs" and its observation game: From its enchanting bay to its historical heritage, discover the Somme along its river.

    • The coloring book "La Somme en Couleurs": Featuring 12 iconic locations in the department to discover and color.

Eco-designed and made in France
Poster size: 70 x 100 cm
Booklet size: 10.5 x 14 cm

For more information on points of sale, please contact the Go Somme Tourisme Agency.

Partenariat département du Gers

Grand Auch "Heart of Gascony" Tourist Office X PIROUETTE CACAHOUÈTE


We embarked on the trails of d'Artagnan with this giant coloring poster, created in partnership with the Grand Auch "Heart of Gascony" Tourist Office.

Armed with our capes and swords, we explored Gers with its rolling landscapes, picturesque villages, and renowned gastronomy!

1 poster à colorier + 1 jeu d’observation pour partir à la découverte du coeur de la Gascogne, de ses trésors et de son art de vivre.

Eco-designed and made in France
Size: 70 x 100 cm

Available at the Grand Auch Heart of Gascony Tourist Office shop, 3 Place de la République, 32003 AUCH.
For other points of sale, please inquire directly with the tourist office.




We had a lot of fun devising and developing this card game based on simple eco-actions that can be taken on a daily basis..

For this Eco-Battle game, we worked with the illustrator Guillaume DENAUD (Dans les Dents) and some members of the Ma Petite Planète an association that helped us classify and evaluate eco-gestures.

Do you know « Ma Petite Planète » ?
The aim of the association is to raise awareness and encourage as many people as possible to take action to protect the planet and all living things, by organising ecological challenges for friends, family, school or work.
We couldn't have wished for better collaborators and would like to extend our warmest thanks to Léna, Daphné and the whole team for their enthusiasm and expertise.

The Eco-Battle card game is made up of 44 cards, the rules of the game are translated into 5 languages and it is, of course, made in France and eco-designed. !

This card game is now available in our online shop and in our partner shops.

Partnership Theatre antique orange

Antique Theatre of Orange X PIROUETTE CACAHOUÈTE


Discover mythology with the Antique Theatre of Orange & Pirouette Cacahouète.

An UNESCO World Heritage Site and a vestige of Imperial Rome, the Théâtre Antique d'Orange has been offering an immersive show since May: L'Odyssée Sonore.
An immersive visual and and audio journey through fantastic landscapes and encounters with the gods and goddesses of Antiquity.

As a continuation of this show, you will find the "Odyssée Sonore" colouring book in the theatre shop, illustrated and published by our creative team. The illustrations are inspired by the world created by EDEIS & Étienne Mineur.

A journey on the theme of mythology to discover the divinities and their attributes.

Collab CNES



Above all, this partnership is the start of a fantastic human adventure !
The project began withClémentine THIBAUX, children's illustrator, with whom we happily collaborated in 2022 on the memory game the the Bird and its Feather who joined the Pirouette Cacahouète team in 2023. Clémentine had the brilliant idea of combining the principle of the game of the goose with the theme of space. With this in idea, she contacted CNES (Centre National d'Études Spatiales) and introduced us to the project.
We're off to conquer the first Space Goose game with our adventurous team-mates Claire, Kevin and Clémentine !!

We're delighted to have been able to bring this project to fruition and would like to thank the CNES team for their confidence and commitment in choosing an ECODESIGNED game.
The game is made entirely in France, using environmentally-friendly materials (wooden dice, paper from sustainably managed forests, recycled cardboard).

It is available to buy in the CNES shop and will be in our catalogue from September !

…In the meantime, we'll be presenting it on the "CNES" section of the the Bourget Airshow :)




Creation of personalised games printed on the inside of candy boxes
What a pleasure to be associated with this brand that has marked our childhood! To mark the launch of their new range of sweets packaged in a cardboard box, the Pierrot Gourmand team asked us to come up with some games to tie in with their sweets themes: clouds, stars and stories.




1 Giant poster to colour with its "seek and find" observation game + 1 passport to colour + 1 set of 12 coloured pencils, all made in France of course ;)
We're very proud of these made-to-measure games for the Semitour group, which manages 8 sites in the Dordogne department: the Lascaux cave, the Laugerie-Basse shelter, the Thot park, the Grand-Roc cave, the Château de Biron, the Cadouin cloister and the Château de Bourdeilles.

Collab McDonald's



Created in partnership with McDonald's et les Looney Tunes, a collection of evolutionary puzzles based on the principle of our puzzles Go Back in Time.
One of the proudest achievements of this project has been to put an eco-designed game, made in France, into the hands of so many families !


The Pyramid of the Wolf X PIROUETTE CACAHOUÈTE


1 Globe listing wolf breeds + 1 colouring board, eco-designed and made in France.

Specific development

Our expertise in product development (paper/cardboard) means we can now offer specific development for the production of games and communication objects.

If you have any questions, send us a note on the contact us

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